Wedding in Nicaragua

The Republic of Nicaragua is one of the largest countries in Central America. It is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Caribbean Sea on the east and its capital city is Managua. With a terrain that has extensive Pacific coastal plains and also mountains, volcanoes and valleys, Nicaragua has sparse human population but great bio diversity in terms of both flora and fauna. It is predominantly an agricultural country and exports several cash crops. The climate in Nicaragua is primarily tropical but in the highlands it is cooler. It is filled with exotic natural magnificence. If you want a wedding destination that is impressive to all your guests and at the same time has something wonderfully different to offer compared to your stereotypical wedding resort; Nicaragua is where you should look.

Most of the population of Nicaragua is European and of indigenous ancestry, therefore the country’s culture has imprints of Ibero-European culture and indigenous heritage of its people. Tourism is as large an industry in Nicaragua as agriculture. Most of its tourists are from U.S., Central or South America, and Europe. Yearly more than 60,000 U.S. citizens visit Nicaragua. Honeymooners have been choosing the Central American countries for a long time because of their scenic beaches and mountains but now many brides and grooms are choosing them to have the whole wedding ceremony too. Adventurous couples like the idea of tying the knot in a place close to the volcanoes or in the jungles!

The popular cities are the colonial city of Granada and the cities of León, Masaya and Rivas. The San Juan River, Ometepe, Mombacho Volcano, the Corn Islands, and others are main tourist attractions. Apart from the beaches, valleys, the natural scenic beauty of the whole country and the architecture of its major cities which attract tourists to Nicaragua; ecotourism, agritourism and surfing also contribute a great deal. January to April is driest period making it the best travel season. With many easy hiking trails, your wedding guests can have amazing jungle experiences and they can also enjoy snorkeling and surfing on the beaches and islands of Nicaragua.

There are many resorts, especially in Managua, where you can have a wedding ceremony in one of the locations they have to offer (like lake side or hill top) and also accommodation for you and your family & friends. Some resorts popular for weddings include Morgans Rock Hacienda & Ecolodge, Montelimar, Pelican eyes and Norome Villas and Resort. Some resorts offer wedding packages which include the rehearsal dinner, the wedding ceremony and the reception. There is a wide budget range to choose from. You can choose either exotic local cuisine or have custom made dishes to match your wedding theme and the surroundings. Once you decide your wedding budget and what type of a setting you want to have it in, you can find the perfect place you need in Nicaragua for a splendid destination wedding. You can then concentrate on finding a wedding planner, accommodation for your guests, getting a local priest etc.